Shady boy awnings

Adventures Need Shade.


Shady Boy™ awnings are
made from extruded aluminum to
protect it from all elements


Meet the most compact awning
on the market. Housing length:
49in / 125 cm


Shady Boy™ awnings
are as light as a feather.
Total Weight: 14lbs / 7kg


Our awnings fold
easily back into the case
with no extra hassle.


Set up the Shady Boy™ awning
and have portable shade
in minutes.


Wrap all poles and roll
them up into the Shady Boy™ awning
for convenient storage.

small footprint,

Big Impact.

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Quality takes time

Over 7 Hours of Love.

This awning has traveled with me across 20 states for the past 10 years, and is just as good as the first day I bought it.

Briannah M.

Los Angeles, CA

Simply stunning and beautiful, and combined with the craftsmanship, this awning exceeded
my expectations.

Joseph L.

Salt Lake City, UT

Features Shady Boy™ Awnings Competitors
Compact Design
Full Aluminum Casing
Extremely Lightweight (14lbs)
Mounts to most vehicles
Provides shade

Frequently Asked Questions

➤ How is the awning in windy conditions?

The awning is designed to withstand "moderate" wind and rain.

➤ Is the fabric waterproof?

The fabric is water resistant and you will not get wet under it.

➤ How durable is the awning fabric?

Our fabric is very durable and if well taken care of, can last for many years.

➤ How difficult/easy is the installation?

Installation of Shady Boy™ awnings is extremely easy with basic tools.

➤ Does Shady Boy™ supply the screws, bolts, nuts, etc?

Yes! We provide screws nuts and bolts to mount the brackets to your trailer, camper or vehicle.

➤ How long does shipping take?

Shipping generally takes 1 - 2 weeks but can take longer depending on stock and shipping location.